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      RDS, M.A. M.B.A.

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      I have been into IT. I have actually run several successful websites. A self-taught IT expert at the age of 22 I say. But unfortunately though, I never really got an interview during job applications. It was due to the lack of papers and I knew it.It was frustrating. I was passed over by less experienced university graduates. But what can I do? They have the letters in their names. So that’s when I decided to take an online class from you. The first job I applied for after getting my instant degree resulted in being called to an interview. I was able to demonstrate my IT skills and was offered the job. My boss is extremely happy that he hired me and I am inline for promotion. If it wasn’t for your service I would still be in the reject pile. 😮

      – RDS, M.A. M.B.A.