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      I want a new job: 5 things to consider.


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      i want a new job

      I want a new job!

      There were times when I feel like I’m on the edge of my career and looked for a diversion. I want a new job that is different from my routines. I want a new job that could spice up my life while providing me with my needs at the same time.

      There are several reasons that make people move from their jobs and start looking for new ones. They could be frustrated with the working hours, the pay, on a temporary contract, bored or just simply want to change their careers. However not only people who are employed who will declare I want a new job, but even those who are fresh from colleges want to get jobs. By the time you find yourself in a place where you tell yourself I want a new job you will need first to reassess several things so that you can land the job that will fit your interests, lifestyle, skills and educational background.

      Before you say “I want a new job…”

      Before leaving your current career and declare “I want a new job,” there are still a few things that you need to consider.

      1. Evaluate your life goals

      I am sure you have heard before the saying that some people find meaning in their lives from the work they do. Scenarios such as I want a new job that could make me do this, I want a new job that could offer me that, etc exist. This might not be true for everyone but what applies to most is that people will spend a great deal of their time in that job more than in any other place. Knowing what you want to do in life is essential and is what leads to job satisfaction. Personally, if I were to look for a career, I want a new job that could help me meet my goals.

      2. What are your interests and hobbies

      From my personal experience, it is more often that I want a new job that would trigger my interest. So, it is important to identify the things that you are interested in. When you are aware of your interests, you will be able to see what kinds of jobs will fit you. Interests however have to be mixed with the skills that you naturally have or have acquired in order to find your perfect fit.

      3. Identify your work attitude

      Different people thrive in different work environments. Some people prefer to work in the field while others enjoy staying in an air-conditioned office. For my self, I want a new job that keeps a comfortable atmosphere. Additionally work positions also vary, there are those who have no problem receiving instructions all the time while others prefer a more independent position. These things are key in finding a job that will suit your work habits and personality.

      4. Additional studies

      Telling yourself I want a new job is not enough if you are not ready to consider the possibility of getting more skills. This is especially true if you are looking for a better pay, a bigger title or you would like to change careers. You can opt to do short courses, a degree or masters to learn new things and be better equipped for the new job.

      5. Find the job

      Saying I want a new job is also not enough if you will not place yourself out there and look for it. Network with people in that career line, attend job fairs, search in newspapers and online then send your application and wait for an invite to an interview.

      People’s choices vary. I want a new job that offers me this and you want another that gives you that. The most important thing in making these choices you’ll find satisfaction at the end of the day.